How To Train Your Dog To Sit



The Sit command is probably one of the simpler and yet most useful commands you’ll be able to teach your family dog. It offers you a wonderful yet easy way to control your pet if you need to keep him in one place.

A large amount of puppy and k9 training classes teach the heel command only in the advanced classes. The heel command should actually be among the first things you should teach your new puppy or dog. They need to learn how to follow you and who is in command. Once you establish this, all other aspects of training will become easier and their behavior in general will be better, as the dog will learn to respect you as the leader of the pack.

If your dog does not sit on his own after a couple of tries, avoid pushing him into a sitting position. Rather, devote some time watching him. Any time he naturally sits, say “good”, then praise and reward him for his efforts.

A good, “butt on the ground” sit is easy to get through either luring or capturing.
Luring: To lure the sit from a stand, try using a portion of food to attract your dog’s nose up and back. As his head goes back, his rear end will naturally go down. Click the moment his rear touches the ground, then let him receive the treat.

Capture: To capture the sit, simply delay until the dog sits down. Click at the instant his rear hits the ground and give him a treat right away. If you’re training for competition, a sit is more complex. It has additional requirements like “tucked,” “square,” and “straight.” Each of the set requirements is basically criterion to be shaped.


Some owners make use of a tool called a choke collar to train there dog to sit. They will leash the dog, using the choke collar in place and upon the sit command push the dog down. Simultaneously they will keep the choke collar down via the leash allowing only enough slack for the dog to sit down but not rise. If the dog attempts to stand, the choke collar tightens all around the animals’ neck producing extreme discomfort.

By no means is this a recommend method since it can produce a nervous and fearful animal, which could become quite aggressive when it feels threatened. Such training also makes leash training much more stressful since it teaches the animal to fear the leash because of the pain inflicted by it.

This also tends to lessen the bond between master and dog, because of the fact that the dog comes to associate the owner with the pain and discomfort and may lash out towards the owner or others when the treatment continues.

The Click Method of training your family dog to sit is based upon rewarding the animal for the desired behaviour. It gets its name from the concept that some audible queues used to alert the animal of a pending reward with many trainers using a device called a clicker for this purpose.

Whenever the audible queue is given, the reward follows immediately. To teach a dog to sit by this method requires little effort on the trainers’ part. One begins by lavishing the dog with treats, one right after the other while giving the audible queue.

Then abruptly stop the shower of treats and wait for the animal to direct its attention to you. Now display a treat and give the audible queue when you give the treat to the animal. Hold another treat at chest level so that the dog must look up to see the treat.

After a couple of minutes, your dog will likely sit down on its haunches because this position should make it a lot easier to look at the treat. Immediately, when this happens, give the audible queue and reward the pet. Repeat this lesson a couple of times and over a period of time. Remember (repetition is very important, if you want to successfully train your dog to sit!) All things takes time be patient and have fun!

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